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Fire Protection Planning: Priority or Afterthought?

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Fire Protection Planning: Priority or Afterthought?

Construction Executive Risk Management magazine recently included an article entitled “Fire Protection Planning: Priority or Afterthought?”authored by Daniel Vandergriff, Director of Operations, Engineered Solutions, Telgian Corporation.  A recognized and respected professional, Vandergriff is a frequent contributor to numerous industry publications and routinely lectures across the country on a variety of fire protection planning and related topics. Vandergriff offers 25+ years of industry experience and specializes in fire protection consulting services to large commercial, storage, industrial and manufacturing clients, as well as code compliance and interpretation for large retail uses; aircraft maintenance hangars, storage warehouses, and high hazard high piled stock facilities. Vandergriff is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), Fire Officer III, ICC- Fire Plans Examiner, IFSAC/ICC- Fire Inspector III and is NICET II Certified for Fire Sprinkler Layout and Design.

A leader within the fire protection industry, he also plays an integral role in industry codes and standards development by serving as a member on National Fire Protection Association committees such as NFPA 22, Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection and NFPA 1037, Standard on Fire Marshall Professional Qualifications.

According to Vandergriff, although early fire protection planning is on the uptick, too often fire protection design is still an afterthought compared to other trades within a given project, despite its known benefits to life safety. Discovering difficult-to-navigate codes, standards, ordinances and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) late in the construction process often results in unnecessary, and sometimes show-stopping, expenditures. Fire suppression and alarm systems, fire protection water supply, life safety features and the approving authorities’ knowledge and interpretation of the requirements for each should be both known and considered during project conception.

To read Vandergriff’s “Fire Protection Planning: Priority or Afterthought?” article here: Construction Executive Risk Management magazine.

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