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Fire Protection for Data Rooms featured in FacilityExecutive.comAccording to Telgian Engineer, Alexander Gonzales, PE, CFPS, fire protection for data rooms is absolutely essential. Gonzalez says, “In the current business climate, there are very few professions that do not depend on technology in some capacity to drive business operations. As technology’s role in business continues to evolve, the use of IT and data rooms to secure company data is growing and changing. The types of spaces hold highly privileged and critical company information, yet are very frequently unprotected and susceptible to loss due to several elements of fire risk.” 

In his recent article for Facility Executive magazine, Gonzalez explains how, without proper precautions to safeguard these vital rooms, organizations may risk disastrous results. These may include business interruption and loss of essential information, as well as significant financial strain to replace and recover infrastructure. Because IT and data rooms are usually access controlled, a reliable fire suppression option is to install an automatic fire protection system that can be deployed instantly.

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