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Emergency Power Considerations for Healthcare Security

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Emergency Power Considerations for Healthcare SecurityTelgian Engineering & Consulting Vice President of Security Risk Consulting William Sako recently shared his knowledge and expertise in the article, “RESILIENCY: EMERGENCY POWER FOR HEALTHCARE SECURITY” with Medical Construction and Design magazine. In the piece, Sako explores how a strong security program makes use of layered zones of protection and incorporates both passive security measures and active security systems. 

According to Sako, “The purpose of a security system is to effectively deter crime, detect breaches, assess alarms, delay incidents, limit damage and improve security staff’s incident response. Today, security systems have become essential to the effective operations and integrity of all healthcare building operations.”

Sako is one of the most experienced security consultants in the United States.  His work, which spans over five decades for government, private companies and educational facilities, includes the design of physical security measures, technical security systems, operations security programs and anti-terrorism programs, as well as the creation of protective design standards for super towers and comprehensive force protection programs for high-value and government facilities.

Over the course of his career, Sako has had oversight and direct responsibility for the successful completion of more than 2,700 projects involving master planning, threat and risk assessments, and security program design, bidding and implementation management. These projects represent well over $2 billion in security planning and design experience. 

To read “RESILIENCY: EMERGENCY POWER FOR HEALTHCARE SECURITY” in its entirety, please visit Medical Construction and Design magazine.

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