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Catching Up On Fire Safety Systems Maintenance Delayed By COVID-19

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Catching Up On Fire Safety Systems Maintenance Delayed By COVID-19, Telgian's James TomesOver the course of the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an unpredictable landscape for all types of businesses. Closures of retail stores, restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues, and offices frequently occurred with little, or sometimes no warning. Since the pandemic response has not been a linear process, but instead a series of rapidly unfolding events, facility managers and business owners have been challenged to quickly adapt as the rules changed. And, these changes occurred while continuing to meet the needs of their businesses, customers employees, and local communities.

Recently Telgian CEO and President James Tomes shared his concerns with CBS’s 3 On Your Side that some businesses may have deferred inspections and fire safety systems maintenance because of COVID-19.

“Coming out of COVID, people need to bring their safety standards back up,” Tomes told Susan Campbell of 3 On Your Side. “If you don’t maintain the equipment, say you have a sprinkler head that’s blocked or covered, now you could have a large event, where perhaps you lose the entire structure or you have a big event and it takes you weeks and months to re-open instead of maybe a matter of hours,” he explained.

View James Tomes’s interview on post-COVID fire safety systems maintenance in its entirety here:

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