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2019 Greater Atlanta SFPE Fire Safety Conference features NICET prep courses presented by Telgian’s Ralph Bless and Tom Parrish

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15th Annual Fire Safety Conference
March 12-13, 2019
Infinite Energy Center
Duluth, GA

On March 12-13, the Greater Atlanta Chapter SFPE will host a program of current fire protection topics presented by industry experts including Telgian’s Vice President, Account Management Ralph Bless, P.E. SET, CFPS and Vice President Tom Parrish, SET, CFPS, PSP.

Bless will present the 2-day NICET Fire Sprinkler Level II ITM of Water Based Systems seminar. This presentation is geared toward technicians who perform routine inspection and testing tasks under general daily supervision, as well as engineering technicians engaged in the inspection and testing of existing water-based fire protection systems, identifying and addressing emergency and pre-planned impairments.

The seminar will include discussion on inspection, testing, documentation, safety, and work management. Technical areas covered include types of water-based systems and their components; types of damage and deficiencies that can impact system operation; basic building features; system inspection and testing frequencies, requirements, and procedures; use of appropriate tools and test equipment; working safely with minimal impact on surroundings; applicable codes and standards, primarily NFPA 25; impairment procedures; and reporting of findings.

Ralph Bless Jr., PE, CFPS, SET, Vice President, Account Management Telgian Holdings, Inc.

Ralph Bless has more than 35 years of fire protection engineering experience in areas that include system design, consulting, risk analysis, and code review. He has served as a liaison between customers, authorities having jurisdiction, and contractors/suppliers, and has expertise in the design of water-based fire suppression systems, as well as fire and smoke modeling.

He is a Professional Engineer licensed in six states and is a Level IV NICET senior certified fire sprinkler layout technician and holds 3 additional NICET certifications. Ralph also holds several state and national certifications including that of Certified Fire Protection Specialist. Currently, he serves on four NFPA code committees.

Parrish will present the 2-day NICET Fire Sprinkler Level II ITM of Fire Alarm Systems seminar. This presentation is geared toward inspectors who specialize in maintenance and periodic fire alarm inspections, and who have little experience in other types of fire alarm systems work.

Topics covered include system layout (plan preparation), system equipment selection, system installation, system acceptance testing, system trouble-shooting, system servicing, and system technical sales. Technical areas covered include applicable codes and standards, types of detectors and signaling systems, supervision requirements, power requirements, building/space structure and occupancy considerations, and basic electricity and electronics.

Tom Parrish, SET, CFPS, PSP, Vice President Telgian Corporation

Parrish has more than 25 years’ experience in fire protection and emergency response. He has held positions with municipal fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services and in private industry system design and installation programs. He serves on several NFPA technical committees including NFPA 72 Signaling Systems for the Protection of Life and Property and Emergency Communications Systems. He is a board member of AFAA and is a senior instructor for NFPA.

His professional credentials include Level IV NICET Certified Fire Alarm Technician, Level III NICET Inspections and Testing, Certified Fire Protection Specialist and Master Electrician. In addition, Parrish is board certified as a Physical Security Professional by ASIS.

To learn more about the 2019 Greater Atlanta SFPE Fire Safety Conference, please click here.

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