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With the end of the rain, wind, and flooding comes the beginning of recovery. Telgian Corporation stands ready to assist as you rebuild and restore your ability to conduct commerce and service your customers.  Now, more than ever, the advantages of our advocacy model are needed to ensure that damage is properly assessed, priorities established, and restoration work is managed efficiently and cost effectively.
Our breadth of knowledge and range of professional skills separate us from other professional service providers. Our Professional Engineers, LEED-Accredited Professionals, Certified Protection Professionals, Certified Safety Professionals, National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology specialists, and systems experts focus are prepared to address your needs. Unfortunately, times such as these bring opportunity for providers to meet their interests and not those of their customers. Our client advocacy model has always been predicated on ensuring that our customer’s needs are met first. We work solely on your behalf and represent you with all stakeholders including federal, state and local government officials, insurers, suppliers and contractors, so that you can focus on the business of taking care of your customers.
How can Telgian help? We provide fire protection, security, risk mitigation, environmental health and safety, structural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and other professional services to assist in your assessment response, recovery, reconstruction and management of your sites. We can:
  • Assist with emergency response, recovery and crisis communication activities and coordination with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, including FEMA
  • Evaluate water, hazardous materials, soils and other services related to Environmental Health and Safety
  • Inspect buildings, facilities, systems, services and equipment as may be required
  • Implement redesign of buildings, facilities, systems, services and equipment from within flood level to alternate areas
  • Test and recommission systems, services and equipment to confirm operation to as-designed / pre-incident operational status
  • Engineer, design and specify replacement systems, services and equipment as necessary
  • Provide facility condition assessments to assess damaged equipment and systems and offer recommendations for remediation, retrofit and replacement
  • Examine and document existing conditions of buildings, facilities, systems, services and equipment, including security
  • Communicate with owner insurance carriers as necessary to identify requirements
  • Define and analyze various risks to help assess relative risk levels, provide solutions and strategies for recovery, including property loss control services and surveys
  • Provide construction management and construction administration services
  • Please refer to our Telgian Capabilities document for all of our service offerings.


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