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Instructing NFPA’s Mass Notification Design 2-Day Seminar: Feb. 14 – 15, 2013

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Telgian’s Vice President of Systems Integration, Tom Parrish, will be in Houston, Texas to teach this 2-day seminar. Here is the link to the class and more details below.

2013 NFPA 72® Designing Mass Notification Systems 2-Day Seminar


Maximize public safety. Update your knowledge to make sure you’re prepared to design mass notification systems that comply with requirements in the 2013 NFPA 72®.

Planning and designing top-quality Mass Notification Systems (MNS) requires a clear understanding of the origin and growing importance of MNS, system complexities, and the latest edition of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Developed by an NFPA 72 Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) Committee Member and renowned industry expert, the new 2013 NFPA 72 Designing Mass Notification Systems 2-Day Seminar covers the key points and considerations involved in MNS design and installation, including the relationships between risk assessments, emergency response plans, and MNS.

This interactive seminar features hands-on activities that provide a solid grasp of NFPA 72 application, with classroom discussion about the relevant Code requirements. Professionals involved primarily in the sound and communications industry will get up-to-speed on MNS challenges and NFPA 72-compliant installation, while MNS professionals will learn more about audio technology and intelligibility issues.

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Identify the qualifications for MNS design
  • Identify the component systems that make up and are affected by NFPA 72’s Chapter 24: Emergency Communications Systems
  • Understand how Chapter 24 interreacts with other NFPA 72 chapters
  • Identify the system and design components that impact intelligibility
  • Understand the differences between system survivability, reliability, and robustness
  • Know the components of a Code-compliant message, including length and clarity
  • Match the type of MNS using the code defined layer concept given a variety of examples
  • Identify the appropriate speaker for a given environment
  • Select the appropriate amp size for a given speaker demand
  • Determine the feasibility of a wireless two-way system in lieu of a wired system

Who Will Benefit:

Administrators, facility directors, fire alarm and emergency communications systems designers, professionals involved in the sound and communication industry, electrical contractors, architects, auditors, and project managers

Free Seminar Materials — $100 VALUE!

  • NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, 2013 Edition
  • Seminar Workbook
  • NFPA® Nylon Briefcase

Continuing Education Credit:
Earn 14 hours or 1.4 Continuing Education Units.
Attendance is required to earn CEUs. Please verify applicability with your professional board before attending.

Apply the code TO your facility AT your facility!
The premier training experience from NFPA: customized, hands-on instruction on-site at your workplace, administered by recognized experts who developed the codes and standards. For more information, contact us at 1-877-336-3280 or e-mail, or visit

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