Campus Fire Safety Forum 2023, Telgian Engineering & ConsultingThank you for visiting Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) at Campus Fire Safety Forum 2023.

Education campuses today share many of the same challenges that small cities do. The variety of occupancies, construction types, remodel activity, enforcement and future planning that are involved demand a fire protection, security and life safety firm that can understand the perspectives of a variety of constituents. Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) recognizes that campus environments face continuous change including planning, constructing, testing, repairing and certifying facilities that are often spread across multiple locations.

TEC’s broad industry perspective offers the unique ability to understand the fire, security and life safety challenges specific to education campuses. From commissioning sprinkler and alarm systems in the chemistry lab, to performing life safety evaluations for the proposed dormitory high-rise, to security risk and environmental health and safety issues, TEC has the expertise you need.

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Lauris Freidenfelds, Vice President, Security Risk Consulting |  847-650-4640 | LinkedIn


Chad Green, Telgian Engineering & Consulting         



Chad Green, Director, Business Development, | 480-698-7951 | LinkedIn