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30th Annual AHCA Seminar: September, 2014

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30th Annual AHCA Seminar
September 21 – 22, 2014
Orlando, FL  United States

The 30th Annual AHCA Seminar will be taking place September 21-22 in Orlando, FL. The seminar will focus on the revisions to major codes and standards in Florida that will be changing at the end of the year (2014), as well as important health care design topics and issues important to designers, contractors, facility managers, and inspectors.

Telgian’s Executive Vice President of Compliance Solutions, Bob Caputo, will be presenting at this seminar on the topic titled “Review of NFPA 25”. Please see below for details as well as a link to register for the conference.

Date: Monday, September 21, 2014
Time: 2:30- 3:30 PM
Session Title: Review of NFPA 25
Presenter: Bob Caputo, Executive Vice President, Compliance Solutions, Telgian Corporation
Location: Hilton Orlando (Orlando, FL)

Presentation Summary:
This session will review some of the changes to FNPA 25 and will address the problem of “responsibility”. One of the most common problems for those using NFPA 25 is trying understanding who is responsible for what. There are often multiple stakeholders in the inspection/testing/maintenance process, such as the owner, one or more AHJs, insurance representatives, and contractors. It is critically important that everyone be aware of the responsibility and liability of each party. This session will discuss potential stakeholders, what their responsibilities are, as outlined by NFPA 25, and how those responsibilities are carried out in the field.

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