Serving the fire and life safety needs for 45,000+ locations gives us an edge – the edge to get things done on time and on budget. We specialize in service to companies with multi-location properties, and large single-campus facilities in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

Unbiased, Expert Inspections
Telgian is the only unbiased provider of fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and fire pump testing and inspection services.  Unlike other service providers, Telgian completely separates the inspection and test process from the repairs, eliminating all conflict of interest on behalf of the technicians performing the work.  For this reason, you can rely on Telgian’s inspections and testing to reduce overall life cycle costs for facilities, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that repairs identified are truly needed and not the result of a technician required to fulfill a sales quota.

Telgian performs these services nationwide through our own qualified inspectors – ensuring compliance, safety, and cost containment with no conflict of interest.

Single Point of Contact
Telgian customers get direct contact from a dedicated and empowered account manager who controls all aspects of your service program.

Cost Savings
We customize services to fit your operational and budgetary needs, saving you time and effort, and utilize advanced project management techniques to ensure timely and effective completion of work.