Steven R. Smith

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Mr. Smith is a dynamic, forward-thinking senior HR leader with a history of advancing the mission of diverse companies through expert direction of Human Resources operations and strategies. He is recognized for his ability to understand and translate organizational needs and opportunities into targeted strategies to advance long-term business goals.

Known for his astute business acumen, Mr. Smith is a strategic partner helping company leaders leverage a broad range of people solutions to achieve business growth objectives. His background includes business operations, human resources, psychology and human behavior, business consulting and training and development. Having worked in a variety of industries including global manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation and logistics and as a top-producing Bering Sea commercial fisherman, Mr. Smith is uniquely qualified to effectively interact with all associates from the C-suite to the front line workers. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Colorado Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Management.