Third Party Plan Review

The fire protection and life safety systems can be among the most expensive and complicated in your building. Unfortunately, some owners don’t discover these critical systems were improperly designed until after they are installed and expensive corrections are required. Telgian provides third-party plan review services designed to identify design or code compliance concerns while they are still on paper and less costly to correct. We provide this valuable service to a wide range of clients, including municipal agencies, insurance carriers, architects and property owners. Telgian can provide plan reviews of not only final submittal drawings but also progress drawings along the way to assist with final approval. Let Telgian conduct your next plan review and demonstrate how our service and expertise can make your next project a success.

Fire Alarm and Detection

Telgian’s fire alarm experts are adept with all types and occupancies of fire alarm systems. Our fire alarm plan review services ensure your project design meets code requirements as well as jurisdictional and owner/insurance requirements, where appropriate. Our responsive staff will become an integral part of your project, assisting in the design process while removing obstacles along the way. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Security Systems

Protection of your property and assets is critical to your success. Our plan review team will analyze your security design to confirm proper design and identify potential vulnerabilities. Telgian’s team can be your trusted partner to ensure your facility is protected.

Fire Suppression

All fire suppression systems are not created equal. The design of the system is dependent upon a complete understanding of the building, occupancy and chosen fire suppression agent. Telgian’s team of experts will conduct a thorough plan review to ensure all design parameters are considered so your fire suppression system will work successfully. Fire suppression plan reviews are not as simple as connecting sprinkler heads, discharge nozzles and piping; a single, seemingly minor design error can lead to substantial construction change orders, or worse – a system that fails to control a fire. Let our experts be your trusted plan review partner.

Life Safety

Building occupants expect your building to be safe. They trust that if an emergency occurs, they can safely exit the building. And while fire is only one of the numerous emergencies to consider, the end requirement is the same: everyone needs to be able to safely exit the building, when needed. How do you know if your life safety design is adequate? Telgian’s expert team can evaluate any or all components of your project for life safety compliance. Our experts know life safety and provide valuable insights that can lead to a safer building. Our team will help ensure you can answer confidently: Yes, my building is safe.

Occupancy and Process Protection

Certain occupancies and processes have unique hazards associated with them found nowhere else. Whether it is an agricultural product-ripening cooler with special atmospheric requirements or a flammable liquids packaging operation, occupancies have unique hazards that must be identified and mitigated. Our team will review your occupancy and process to identify the hazards present and develop solutions that fit your process. If you have already developed protection plans for occupancy or process, our team will conduct a plan review of the proposed solution to ensure it addresses the necessary hazards. Telgian’s goal is simple: we ensure hazards are identified so structures and people are protected. And because we are independent, representing no specific product lines, you can be assured Telgian will be your unbiased partner for plan review services.

Special Hazards

Special hazards require special attention. In many cases, the outcome of an incident involving a special hazard is decided by actions that occur in seconds or even milliseconds. The proper design of these systems is critical to ensure the hazard is mitigated and the fire controlled. Telgian’s experts will review your process and hazard protection measures to ensure they are code compliant and address all hazards present. Trust our experience with special hazard protection and make Telgian your plan review expert.