Systems Design

Cutting edge design of fire protection systems begins with a thorough understanding of the intent of the codes and Standards as they apply to particular occupancy and building use. Your specific needs and desires for the space are equally important. We begin each engagement with a “deep dive” so we can thoroughly understand your priorities.  Telgian’s engineers and consultants sit on over 30 NFPA committees which provides a unique perspective into the design requirements of today and tomorrow. Combining this experience with our unbiased, customer-centric knowledge base ensures fire protection system designs are cost-effective, technologically superior, and most importantly, suited for your specific operation.

Fire Suppression Systems

Telgian’s fire suppression engineers recognize that life-cycle design flexibility, cost effectiveness and the numerous options for protection of a particular hazard can – and should – influence how your fire suppression system is designed and implemented.

To secure greatest insight into your particular project, our fire sprinkler design team works with highly advanced, three-dimensional CAD technologies to ensure we fully understand your facility before the first brick is laid.  Our computerized modeling capabilities allow us to visualize each and every system that will be installed, allowing us to provide the most precise fire sprinkler design and accurate installation directions possible.

After specifying the most cost-effective system that meet the needs of the project, Telgian’s design process utilizes the most advanced technology available to ensure project interruptions and installation conflicts are all but eliminated. Early system design allows for complete coordination of the sprinkler system with other design disciplines, limiting potential field issues and costly changes or delays. Our services cover any facility occupancy, including residential, retail, commercial and industrial.

Fire Alarm, Detection and Security Systems

By keeping abreast of new products, systems and software, our designers ensure that your project benefits from the best technology available. As an independent design firm, we have no proprietary interest in any manufacturer’s products, allowing us to recommend the best and most cost-effective materials to meet your needs. Whether you are replacing alarm systems at existing locations or need a system for new construction, we can provide turnkey solutions to meet your needs and budget.

All of our solutions are fully customizable to your current needs, so you never pay for supplies or services you don’t use. Our Materials Purchasing Program secures the best price on equipment purchases and our network of vetted installation subcontractors extends across the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We can help monitor your service provider more effectively and offer replacement or ‘as needed’ programs if you seek to break away from a proprietary system.

Voice Evacuation Systems

While the benefits of voice evacuation systems cannot be denied, if improperly designed, they simply become background noise.  An effective voice communication system must consider many minute details and design attributes to ensure it can clearly heard.  It must consider the ambient background noise level of the area, room characteristics such as square footage and ceiling height, sound reflectivity of the surfaces in the room and the coverage angle or polar plot of the speaker.  Without strict attention to these details, the voice can become intelligible and the system becomes ineffective. Telgian’s design process factors all pertinent considerations to ensure that this valuable piece of your fire protection is utilized to its full potential.  Telgian has a large number of technical experts who specialize in designing voice evacuation systems and solve voice intelligibility problems using unparalleled industry expertise and experience.

Special hazard Systems

High value, high hazard assets installed in sensitive areas such as data centers, clean rooms, and laboratories require advanced protection that must occasionally consider additional complexities such as airborne contaminants or extremely hazardous substances. These invaluable assets must be protected with cutting edge fire suppression systems designed by experts with a thorough understanding of the precise physical properties and irreplaceable nature of your asset. Our designers and engineers have experience in protection design of virtually all types of special hazards including electrical substations, decontamination rooms, offshore oil platforms and beyond.

Smoke Control Systems

Smoke is the biggest threat to life created by fire. It can threaten people and property, both in the immediate location of the fire and in locations remote from the fire. Smoke consists of airborne solid and liquid particulates, gases formed during combustion, and the supporting air supply. Smoke control manages smoke movement to reduce the threat to life by affording occupants the precious needed time to evacuate.

The design of active smoke control systems requires a thorough analysis that considers the geometry of the space, fuel load, expected magnitude of a fire in the space, means of introducing makeup air to replenish the volume of gas being removed, and the effects of the air movement on the adjacent egress components. Using the most advanced technology and software, our engineers can specify both passive and active fire and smoke control/barrier solutions to ensure compliance with all model code requirements and more importantly, a safe environment for occupants.

Capital Expenditure Forecasting

Telgian experts have designed and managed hundreds of projects in our almost 30 years in business. Using our vast industry experience, as well as installation and design expertise, we can provide accurate cost estimates for fire and life safety systems with limited project information. This allows you to maximize your project budget while also identifying potential areas for savings by using alternate materials and construction methods.