Risk Management & Loss Control

Telgian provides clients with the most advanced loss prevention and risk management solutions. From project development to on-site inspections and jurisdictional mitigation to recommendation management, we offer a complete suite of services to help you reduce loss exposure and allocate funds wisely. We provide specific expertise for your need – not an army of generalists. This Telgian solution is changing the traditional model of loss control to one of partnership and solutions.

Our professional, experienced loss control services are designed for owners, operators, insurance companies, brokers and loss control managers in all industries. Our staff includes highly protected risk (HPR) associates averaging more than 20 years of experience each, as well as an extensive array of true fire protection experts to help serve and support your needs. For many clients, we have positively changed their loss control programs beginning with the foundation all the way through implementation and management.

The choice is yours. Do you want to continue the typical loss control “program” you’ve had for years, or are you ready to try a new solution to achieve dramatic results? We welcome you to learn more about the solutions Telgian can provide.

Property Loss Control Surveys

Our experts perform on-site surveys and generate underwriting reports tailored to suit the needs of the insured, the carrier, and the broker – following the criteria and guidelines accepted by insurance carriers. Our engineers are proficient in domestic and applicable international standards and are experienced in handling delicate and sensitive situations.

Our complete loss prevention surveys evaluate facilities for property loss control. Insurers, insured clients, and others use these surveys to calculate the current state of protection and safety and exposure to risk. Our surveys compile details on construction, occupancy, protection and exposures in a simple and easy-to-comprehend format. We review facility fire protection features to ensure they are in accordance with standards and functional should a fire occur. Our team is trained to analyze numerous hazards like wind storm, flood, burglary and theft, earthquake, or collapse, to ensure you understand and are prepared for your full risk.

Risk Assessment/Evaluations

With a geographically diverse portfolio, how do you determine your risk exposure at each of your locations on an ongoing basis? An effective tool in managing your risk is to conduct risk assessments or focused evaluations. No matter where your risk is located, Telgian can determine the appropriate measurement points and reporting to benchmark and identify your risk in a wide range of subject areas. Our expert and focused service will help ensure your business is protected.

Existing System Retrofit Analysis

Too often, insurance recommendations tell you what to do, not how to do it. Telgian’s expert staff works as your advocate to review your occupancy and develop options for retrofit that meet your needs and provide appropriate protection. Our staff can assist with a wide range of system types while helping you identify the best solution to meet your budget, property and life safety protection needs. Trust Telgian to be on your side – we are your advocate.

Owner/Insured Representation

Insurance recommendations not only provide improvements geared toward the protection of your property, they help protect the checkbook of the insurance carrier. Sometimes you, as the property owner, need help understanding the alternatives and determining which recommendations are necessary and which are options. Our team will help you understand the risk, develop options and evaluate exposure so you can make an informed decision. Let Telgian help you manage your risk.

Market Summary Portfolio Development

Developing a comprehensive overview of your property portfolio can be a daunting task. Insurance carriers may request information on protection standards or code references of which you may not have knowledge. Our team of industry experts can help you compile, review and prepare the market summary needed to truly reflect the condition of your properties, as well as outline—upfront—any planned risk management strategies. With a complete picture of your properties, your underwriters will have the answers they need to offer you the best premium for your risk.

Business Interruption/Interdependency Analysis

Understanding the relationship between your various business units and suppliers is critical to understanding your risk exposure. Telgian’s experts can facilitate an interdependency analysis to show where the real risks lie and the mission critical points to address them. With this knowledge of your areas of critical risk, we can develop risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans to ensure your business is protected. This plan will allow you to be confident knowing your business risks are covered.

Business Continuity Planning

Every business will face a situation one day that will determine if it survives or closes. Insurance policies typically cover your financial loss, but will they cover your lost market share and future customers? Can you recover your market share and customers after you rebuild your operation? The only way to truly protect those precious assets is to ensure your business continues. Telgian will help identify the risks in your business and support the development of a comprehensive business continuity plan. This complete plan will give you the tools and confidence to control your future and ensure success. Knowledge is key, and Telgian is your expert.

New Construction Project Management Services

As a full-service fire protection engineering firm, our suite of project design services integrates loss control standards in the early stages of the project to save time and money during construction. We can support your project with a wide range of services starting with site due diligence and protection systems design. As the project develops, we conduct plan reviews of facility drawings and make regular visits to ensure all systems are installed according to code and manufacturers’ recommended guidelines. Lastly, we witness final acceptance testing of all systems to ensure your systems work as designed. Telgian is your partner to make sure your systems are designed and installed correctly.