Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare providers have an obligation to maintain their facilities to the highest level of life safety compliance to protect their patients, visitors and hospital staff. Our teams possess the unsurpassed knowledge of updated codes and regulations that are required today in the ever changing healthcare environment. Telgian distinguishes itself from other providers by creating partnerships that support our healthcare clients throughout the entire process, from identifying the issues at hand to managing and supporting them to resolution.  Our goal is to make sure you are successful, and can focus on what matters most: patient care. Because of our intimate understanding of the regulatory environment for medical facilities, we offer healthcare providers a full suite of regulatory support services including life safety, environment of care, emergency management, utilities management, and safety and security management programs.

Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Our experts will assist your team in conducting complete below and above ceiling life safety inspections.  We’ll help identify any potential deficiencies and work with you to develop a plan of correction to help resolve them.  Our teams possess the required expertise and code knowledge of regulatory compliance, fire protection engineering and safety engineering to create a holistic solution and make your programs effective.

Environment of Care

Because of our strength in healthcare facilities’ consulting, we intimately understand the obligation hospitals have to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and hospital staff. Our team of experts can support your environment of care needs with special attention on safety, security, hazardous materials and waste management, fire safety management, bio-medical engineering, medical equipment management and utilities (physical plant) management. Our team will assist with conducting audits, tracers, and reviewing all related evidence of compliance, including policies and procedures.  We not only identify deficiencies, but work in partnership with you to resolve the issue and develop the necessary tools to stay compliant in the ever changing healthcare environment. Our Telgian team is made up of a variety of experts who are adept in regulatory compliance, well trained in safety and fire protection engineering, and have served as hospital directors of safety and facility management.

Utilities Management

Our team of professional experts in healthcare engineering can provide special attention to medical gas, medical vacuum, and medical air management; inventory development; preventative maintenance; failure and disruption policies; and emergency power systems, to name a few.  We will assist your team with conducting audits, tracers, and review all related evidence of compliance, policies and procedures. We can identify deficiencies, and will help you to resolve the issue and develop the necessary compliance tools for the future.

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Our team of seasoned professionals in emergency management and disaster planning can assist your team with conducting emergency exercises, critiques, audits, tracers as well as reviewing all related evidence of compliance such as your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, Emergency Operations Plan, Failure and Disruption Policies. We not only identify the deficiency, but work with you to resolve the issue and develop the necessary compliance tools. Our experts represent a variety of specialties including regulatory compliance, emergency management and disaster planning.

Security Management

Our team of seasoned experts in security management can assist your team with conducting security focused risk assessments and sensitive area assessments, while still ensuring compliance with life safety codes. Infant and pediatric abduction drills, active shooter drills and other situations must be anticipated in hospital environments.  Our team of specialists will help you identify any deficiencies and work you to resolve and create security plans that will be in compliance with current codes. Our teams include experts in regulatory compliance, emergency management and security planning.


Our safety teams include seasoned experts in all areas safety, including OSHA, EPA, and healthcare specialists, and can assist your team in identifying risk and managing the environment.  We will collaboratively work with you by participating on committees and sub-committees, developing management plans and annual evaluations, developing safety programs and safety manuals, establishing surveillance, and assisting in auditing and developing policies and procedures that are related to hazardous materials and waste. We will review evidence of compliance documents and offer safety consultation as well as develop the necessary tools needed to keep your facility compliant.

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