Hazardous Materials

Today, more and more items are commonly regulated as “Hazardous Materials.” But keeping up with all of the notification, storage, processing and use regulations can be extremely daunting. Moreover, some hazardous materials may have an impact on your building plans, process line or occupancy goals. Telgian will evaluate your process and inventory for proper material classification and identify the applicable code requirements and options for compliance with your business in mind.

Hazardous Materials Review and Classification

Our team will conduct a complete analysis of the materials used or stored at your facility to identify the proper material classification in accordance with the adopted code. Once the material classification and quantity on site is known, we identify the applicable code requirements and develop options to ensure compliance within the bounds of your desired operational goals. Our objective is to assist you in developing the right compliance options for your needs.

Hazardous Material Inventory Statements (HMIS)

Telgian experts will prepare your Hazardous Material Inventory Statement for submission to the appropriate regulatory agency. Utilizing our experience in preparing thousands of inventory statements for clients throughout the country, we will ensure your submission is accurate and acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. And our inventory statement support doesn’t end with preparation of the document; we will continue to support your needs until final approval is obtained.

Hazardous Materials Location Plans (HMLP)

Increasingly more jurisdictions are requiring building owners or occupants to submit a plan for approval indicating where they intend hazardous materials to be stored in the building. After careful review of your operational goals, storage layout and building plans, our team will evaluate your use of hazardous materials and develop a Hazardous Materials Location Plan. Preparation of your plan includes identifying your options for compliance and incorporating them into the final submission. Our goal is to assist you in meeting the requirements of the regulatory authority and adopted code while still providing the flexibility you need to efficiently operate in your building.

Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMP)

An important component of the hazardous materials disclosure program is the preparation of a site-specific Hazardous Materials Management Plan. Telgian’s experts in hazardous materials and fire department operations will help ensure your plan is properly prepared and approved by the regulatory agency. Our team will assist you during all steps of the management plan preparation, from site review through submittal and final approval.

High-Piled Storage Consulting

In today’s storage occupancies, the use of high-piled storage configurations is becoming the standard.Improper storage configurations or even the modification of existing configurations can significantly impact the code compliance of a facility In fact,, it may render the fire protection ineffective in controlling a fire. Telgian’s fire protection engineers and consultants can assist in all aspects of your high-pile storage process including:

  • Commodity Classification
  • Fire Protection Criteria Determination
  • Required Building Feature Development (i.e., smoke/heat venting, access doors, etc.)
  • Fire Sprinkler Retrofit and Upgrade Hydraulic Analysis
  • Insurance Recommendation Review/Analysis
  • High-Pile Storage Plan Preparation and Submittal

Telgian is the leading expert in high-piled storage consulting and engineering. Let our team review your operations and provide you flexible options for code compliance.