Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support

Our corporate experience in all aspects of fire protection provides Telgian an unequaled ability to offer expert opinions in assessing the actions of fire departments, compliance with national model codes and standards, identify deficiencies in fire protection systems, evaluate the actions of occupants, locate and identify construction defects, and determine fire origin and cause. Our team of industry experts consists of engineers, attorneys with fire protection background, former fire marshals and chiefs, senior fire sprinkler and alarm installation and maintenance experts and insurance professionals. Our objective is to provide an expert-level, detailed engineering evaluation while representing our clients and their legal counsel.

Fire Modeling

Using the latest technology in computer aided fire modeling, our engineers and technicians can virtually describe and demonstrate the effects of fire, the generation and migration of heat and smoke, and human reaction to dynamic events. Blended with witness statements and observations, our fire modeling capabilities can provide valuable, irrefutable evidence of events arising from a hostile environment not often captured by drawings in two dimensions. With our experience in investigative interviewing and data collection techniques, Telgian can provide a clear, concise, complete picture of events and definitively describe the “who, what, when, where and how” of a catastrophic loss.

Code and Standard Analysis

Intent is at the core of code requirements. When you have an understanding of the code’s intent, you are able to provide descriptions of why a system or process was in place, how it complied with either the letter or intent of the code (or both), and why an outcome occurred as it did. Telgian’s involvement with various strategic code development committees gives our team a distinct advantage in describing – and developing – changes in codes or standards over time, illustrative reasons for the changes, and a history of applicable codes and standards in place prior to, during and after an event in question.

Loss/ Event Analysis

Our complete loss prevention surveys evaluate facilities for property loss control. Insurers, insured clients and others use these to calculate their current state of protection and safety as well as their exposure to potential risk. Our surveyors gather details on construction, occupancy, protection and exposures. Fire protection features are reviewed to ensure they are in accordance with standards. We conduct fire sprinkler and alarm testing, special suppression system testing and other related services along with a review of potential hazards like wind storm, flood, burglary and theft, earthquake or collapse. Comprehensive technical reports are prepared, documenting conditions, recommendations and conclusions. Survey results provide a verifiable history of compliance and safety awareness with a depth of comparative analysis that is unequaled in our industry.

Expert Witness Support

Telgian’s team of fire and life safety experts has collective experience of more than 300 years of fire code enforcement and analysis, fire systems design and installation, fire department operational review and human behavioral analysis. We qualify as expert witnesses in civil and criminal proceedings, and provide credible expert opinion backed by years of experience and knowledge. Telgian’s team approach to fire and life safety brings an impressive, situation-appropriate level of knowledge and experience to bear on an issue with predicable, favorable results. Our client-driven approach explores all avenues of relief and support, and keeps the client informed throughout the process regarding progress, probability and strategies for success.   Telgian’s reputation is built on honesty, integrity, and proven results.

System Performance Evaluation

Our breadth of experience reveals that some projects require a new approach to implement fire and life safety standards. The principals of performance-based design are used to discover alternative methods that ensure the code and standard requirements are met. In a litigation scenario, this means we explore, describe and offer proof that systems in place met or exceeded the intent of the codes and standards in place at the time of construction or installation, and if they were properly maintained and performing at the time of the event in question. This ability to think outside of the box gives our clients a distinct advantage in litigation proceedings, and sets Telgian apart from our competitors.

Telgian leads the fire protection industry with a unique, proven, dependable and client-driven level of support that is unparalleled in our field. In a complex world of codes, standards, product development and rapidly-changing processes, we live by a simple, straightforward model: Provide industry leading service. Our record of performance, satisfied customers and repeat clients are evidence that we deliver what we promise.