Construction Mgt./Third Party Supervision

Construction management requires a broad base of knowledge across all the details that can affect a project. Our team’s professional training and field experience ensures that the best fire and life safety solutions are implemented on-time and on-budget, and that all systems are properly installed and operating as designed.

Fire Suppression Installation Management

Our full-service design department offers pre-construction budget development and value engineering. We then thoroughly vet quality subcontractors who deliver and install sprinkler systems, pumps and components. By using our combined buying power with subcontractors and vendors, companies that partner with Telgian for their fire system needs typically see savings of 10% – 15% on construction costs.  Telgian involvement in the RFI process can further minimize costly changes to the installation by providing cost effective direction and allowing only those field changes that are necessary.

Fire Alarm and Detection Installation Management

Whether you are replacing alarm systems at existing locations or need a system for new construction, we can provide turnkey solutions to meet your needs and budget. All of our solutions are fully customizable to your current needs, so you never pay for supplies or services you don’t use. Our Materials Purchasing Program secures the best price on equipment purchases and our network of vetted installation subcontractors extend across the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We can help monitor your service provider more effectively and offer replacement or ‘as needed’ programs if you seek to break away from a proprietary system.  Upon completion of the installation, Telgian will conduct functional acceptance tests of the fire alarm system.

Integrated Systems Testing

The testing of an individual system in a building is important to ensure proper operation, but even more critical is testing all co-dependent life safety and building systems to ensure all necessary interconnections are operating correctly.  Our highly knowledgeable staff will test the building as a whole and review fixed fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, emergency communication systems, smoke control systems, emergency power systems, HVAC, smoke dampers, elevators, and means of egress controls. Integrated systems testing will verify the final integrated system installation complies with design objectives and applicable codes and standards.

Third Party/Special Inspection Services

All fire and life safety systems are subject to inspections by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, but receiving an authority’s acceptance does not always mean the installed systems will function correctly.  Utilizing a third party inspector to review the installation helps ensure that code minimum and project specifications are met, and also imposes best industry practices upon the installers.  Addressing these issues during the construction phase reduces the lifetime cost of the system by limiting the potential for a deficiency to be identified after the installation warranty has expired.  Telgian can partner with you to provide an unbiased review of the fire systems and their performance.

Plan Review

Fire protection and life safety systems can be among the most expensive and complicated in your building. Unfortunately, some owners don’t discover these critical systems were improperly designed until after they are installed and expensive corrections are required. Telgian provides plan review services designed to identify design or code compliance concerns while they are still on paper and less costly to correct. Telgian can provide plan reviews of final submittal drawings as well as progress drawings along the way to assist with final approval. Let Telgian conduct your next plan review and demonstrate how our service and expertise can make your next project a success.