Code Consulting

Knowledge is the key to success in code application as well as to ensuring a functional and compliant building. Our team researches and identifies the code pertinent to your project, as well as any equivalent performance options based on the project’s unique circumstances, requirements and goals. We present innovative solutions that save time and expense in design, construction and operations and help create building systems that function as a comprehensive fire protection and life safety package.

Building/Fire Code Consulting

Our expert consultants and engineers take pride in delivering innovative solutions that meet your needs by providing far more than just a verse quoted from a code book. Our culture is based on a strong history of client advocacy and seeking to provide the best and most innovative fire and life safety solutions available. As a result, we recruit and retain only best consultants in the industry to serve your needs. Our team members are active in global code development organizations such as NFPA, SFPE and ICC, giving our clients the ultimate advantage in code compliance – a voice. Our knowledge and understanding make us second to none in the application and interpretation of the fire protection and life safety codes that your project will encounter.

Alternative Means/Code Equivalency

Not all buildings are created equal and relatively few fit neatly into the code. Sometimes there needs to be another way to solve the problem. Our team has an intimate, experienced understanding not only of the intent of codes, but also of the building construction process and the life cycle needs of facilities. We recognize that some challenges require a new – and occasionally creative – approach. Integrating our knowledge with your project scope, we will work on your behalf to ensure compliance and code equivalency.

Due Diligence/Site Analysis

The key to a successful project starts at inception. Proper planning for fire and life safety compliance should begin long before the building plans are drawn and the first sprinkler riser is detailed. Our team of expert consultants and engineers are available to evaluate your project from its beginning to help ensure your success. Our analysis includes site surveys for fire protection/life safety compliance, existing conditions surveys, water supply analysis and fire flow calculations, Building and Fire Department project pre-plan meetings, planning/appeal board hearing reparations/representation, appeals/alternative means and methods submissions, cost estimation and construction cost support … to name a few. Our due diligence process helps identify the unknowns early in the project to minimize delays and cost overruns downstream.

Fire Protection/Life Safety Audits and Site Assessments

During the life cycle of your building, campus or portfolio, periodic site assessments are essential to predicting future capital expenditure costs, evaluating operational fire and life safety code compliance, identifying retrofit options for flexibility in each facility and benchmarking risk management programs. Our detailed and extensive evaluations provide a complete picture of your fire safety systems and programs to identify deficiencies, minimize fire safety losses and assure suitable property protection. If necessary, our team will work with you to develop corrective action plans and long term solutions to assist in achieving desired results. From assessment to review, program development to implementation, and training to monitoring, our team can support all your site assessment and audit needs.

Fire Protection Master Planning

A fire protection master plan is the strategic blueprint for fire protection that includes all organizations that may be involved with a subject facility, campus or even municipality. The fire protection master plan is not just about fire suppression, but considers all aspects of control, fire prevention and life safety. Our team of seasoned experts in fire protection master planning can assist with all phases of a master plan from existing conditions analysis and pre-planning to implementation and execution. Our experts can bring you the insight and experience necessary to develop an effective and successful master plan.