Barrier Management

Fire barriers, such of walls, ceilings and floors that are designed to limit the spread of fire, can provide additional time for occupants to safely relocate or exit during an emergency. Maintaining fire barrier integrity is paramount, however, as any inadequately sealed or unshielded fire barrier opening may result in fire spread. Openings in fire barriers are common and can include doors, windows, ductwork, and other penetrations such as pipes and cables. Because most buildings undergo constant modifications, fire barriers are frequently penetrated after initial construction, which can result in inadequately protected openings. Fire barrier management allows you to manage your facilities’ fire barriers through surveys, inspection, permitting and documentation. Knowing where barriers exist and having expertise in place to ensure that penetrations are mended with listed fire stopping systems is critically important.  Telgian stands ready to assist with myriad services that can be tailored to meet your facilities’ needs.

Third Party / Special Inspection Services

The ability of penetration firestop systems and fire resistive joint systems to perform their intended function is most directly related to the quality of their installation. Thorough inspection is an integral component of any passive fire protection quality control program.

Telgian engineers and consultants have the experience and expertise necessary to verify that material and systems used for fire stopping have been tested and installed in accordance with ASTM standards. Our process includes observing the installation process, taking and recording measurements of the substrates and materials being installed, randomly witnessing a minimum of ten percent of each type of fire stop being installed, documenting deficiencies, re-inspecting corrected deficiencies, submitting inspection forms after an area is inspected and attending pre-construction and training meetings as necessary.

Inspection/ Audit Reports

A thorough inspection conducted by individuals trained in fire barrier management is the first step to gaining control of your facilities’ fire barriers.  A concise, sortable audit report at the conclusion of our inspection will equip you with the tools you need to address unsealed barrier penetrations and other issues.  Telgian Engineers and consultants do not simply identify issues, they stand prepared to suggest feasible, economical solutions and upgrades.

Plan & Specification Review

Plans and specifications are the central nervous system of a fire and life safety project.  Without accurate and detailed communication for installers, problems, regulatory non-compliance and other challenges are virtually assured.  Subject matter experts are essential in the development and review of these essential project components.  Telgian experts can help ensure your plans and specifications communicate exactly what you want, eliminating confusion and protecting you from liability if installation errors are made.

Quality Control & Maintenance

Listed fire stopping systems come in many forms.  The appropriate system for your project may depend on dozens of independent – and interrelated – factors.  It is no longer true that the color of the sealant is the key to determining acceptability for the material.  Telgian engineers and consultants have the field knowledge and experience to inspect and identify issues as prescribed by the ASTM.  More importantly, when issues are identified, Telgian has the expertise to participate in identifying a solution and if necessary, standing by to ensure completion.

 Engineering Judgment Review

Tested UL listed firestop systems do not always address the unique conditions of a building’s fire barriers and necessary penetrants. In these instances, Engineering Judgments must be completed, which recommend an alternative installation to seal the annular space created by breaching the barrier. It is not uncommon that special designs or unique conditions require this special consideration. The protection of these conditions will necessitate engineering judgments (EJs) that function as an alternative to a tested system. With unmatched expertise and field experience, Telgian engineers review and certify Engineering Judgments using sound engineering practices to ensure that life safety is not compromised.