Scalable solutions that grow and flex as needed yield industry-leading solutions and cost-conscious results. We incorporate the full breadth of our fire protection expertise to ensure that each plan is effective and meets client standards.


Challenges: Solutions:
  • Design Criteria
  • Design adheres to fire protection needs for large facilities through detailed documents, simplifying the bid process and ensuring specific needs are met.
  • Special Hazards
  • Industry-leading Engineering experts are adept at considering special circumstances and providing safe, effective solutions to suit individual fire protection needs.
  • Compliance & Record Keeping
  • Testing & Inspections enables centrally managed inspections, inventory management and compliance tracking by location to fulfill requirements.
  • Diverse Construction Needs
  • Code Consulting to understand geographical variations and requirements and create solutions that provide the highest level of fire protection and life safety.

Client Testimonials

It was both convenient and comforting to know that I could place one call at any time and receive immediate attention to, and resolution of, a fire protection related problem. … for owners who construct multiple locations over a broad geographic area and where low costs and time is of the essence, it is well worth the effort to incorporate (Telgian) expertise into your construction program.

Terry M., Former Director of Development, Home Depot
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