Environmental Policy


Telgian is an environmentally conservative company. Each office takes measures to minimize our impact on the environment including, but not limited to, paper recycling systems and energy reduction practices. Telgian’s primary energy and environmental impact is due to deployment of field inspectors and sub-contractors. In the past few years, we reduced paper consumption and shipping usage by moving to an electronic delivery and review system and reduced employee and sub-contractor travel by implementing ‘hub’ scheduling and expanding inspector’s base areas. These efforts resulted in annual savings of approximately $38,000 in printing, $31,000 in shipping and approximately $1 million in travel costs.

Telgian has developed online resources to encourage employee telecommuting, to significantly reduce paper consumption, and to improve efficiency company-wide. We ask our offices to use recycled materials when possible, and encourage our associates to practice resource and energy reduction and recycling policies in all offices and in their own homes.